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Mobiles Windmanagment System


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The WIS (Wind Information System) is placed at the range, just like before the "flags" in the appropriate distance and transmit the Windfallfallwinkel to the disc and the Windgeschwindikeit to the G2 or the S10 server. In the TargetViewer these data are then made available to the shooter. Ideal for training and competition. The WIS is an optional accessory developed by us that can be integrated into the existing G2 or S10 network.


  • Real-time display Windfall angle and wind speed
  • Transmission via WLAN IEEE 802.11 b / g / n up to 2000m
  • Independent operation via batteries
  • Charge the batteries via USB charger
  • Battery power 16000 mAH approx. 12 hours
  • Charging at the range via solar panel possible
  • Mounting on tripod or ground spike
  • rotection class IP65

wis zub

Optional accessories WIS:

Solar charging panel (various types)
Tripod for attaching the WIS
Ground spike, for attaching the WIS

Price for the WIS from € 779,00. Further information can be found in the shop

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