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Multi eTarget Managment System

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The S10 / 20/30 server series is an additional component for the central administration of several TM600-G2s. With this server, all administrative work, such as Calibrating the discs, managing the installed discs, stored results, analyzes, etc. are managed centrally. The S10 server is designed for 10 lanes, whereby the central management refers to each lane.

It is also possible via one of the servers to remotely service the complete system with all lanes and disk controllers!

  • Mobile server, management of 10, 20 or 30 lanes
  • Wireless transmission over WiFi 802.11 b / g
  • Central disc management for each lane
  • Central facility & monitoring of all lanes for the RO / Leitenden
  • Central monitoring of the shooters for the RO / Leitenden
  • Fast, easy, central calibration via the admin tool
  • Later analysis of all results / tracks
  • Differentiated calibration of different slices per web
  • Manage & Calibrate Polygons Disk Designs
  • Commercially available displays such as I-PAD, Tablet PC or Smartphone can be used
  • Can be used for distances of 300 meters - 2000 meters
  • Battery operation of up to 12 hours (temperature dependent)
  • Temperature range from -15 ° to + 50 °, dust and dirt insensitive
  • Browser-based ad operation under Win 8.1 / Win10 / Apple / Android
  • Assistance, updates and maintenance via remote access (secure access)

Price for S10 server complete from € 4490,00. Further information can be found in the shop.

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