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The PnP 8 is a modular expandable electronic target system suitable for both fixed mounting or for "big" mobile installations e.g. is used in international competitions. Outdoor installations and shooting ranges from 2 to 100 lanes (and more) can be realized with this system. Ideal for large events/competitions in the shooting sport as well as for authorities and the army. The 8 sensors technology (4 x dual sensors) gives you the highest level of accuracy and reliability. up to 2000m. The system is - IP68 waterproof -

The new technology of the G3 PnP 8 enables safe operation with the highest degree of precision. Small double sensors are mounted on the 4 window corners. Due to the new layout, calibration is no longer necessary in most cases. The disk controllers are mounted / installed outside the bombeable area in a UIT cabinet and only the cables (standard LAN cables) are then routed to the targets/lanes. The transmission of signals or hit data via WLAN or via a "fixed" wiring.

A completely new wireless technology allows a wireless transmission of up to 1000m without problems. The G3 is monitored by one of our servers S25/ S50, but can also be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure. In this case, the SMT software will then be installed on one of the existing servers. With this technology, 100-lane and more firing ranges have already been installed in the US and Australia, and the NRA in the USA already held its international competitions on the new SMT PnP 8 system in 2016 ... and without any problems!

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