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Shooters Pac II MK8  Pro-Line

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The simple and affordable One Target solution for training & competition
One Target System from 300m to 2000m for all supersonic calibres

Developed and manufactured in Canada and Germany, this rugged IP68 outdoor system stands for simplicity, reliability and a very cost-effective, complete, electronic solution for displaying hits and the ballistic data of all supersonic calibers compared to other systems. For distances of 50m - 2000m this is the ideal solution for training in shooting, training & competition. The integrated software supports the RangeOfficer in the training at the shooter by simple clear control functions, monitoring of all shooting lanes, accurate evaluation of all important ballistic data including wind information system and the subsequent analysis of the results.

The advantage over other eTarget systems on the market is our mobility and flexibility. Quick to install on any stand, as mobile! Build time not 5 minutes! Independent, because battery operated! Display on any standard smartphone or tablet! Maintenance! Insensitive to dirt, water dust! No follow-up costs such as measuring rubbers, etc. You can continue to use the usual paper disc on the existing window frame.

Target Viewer

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Some features:

  • IP 68 Rugged Outdoor System UV Light - Water and Dust Gun - Extremely Robust
  • Fast setup, fast set-up and easy handling Languages: German, English, French, Polish
  • Can be used in any terrain, space shooting ranges, mine tunnels and tunnel shooting ranges possible
  • Use your existing window frames, folding target systems & target holders
  • Very low consequential costs (only if damaged), no additional costs for the target management!
  • Networkable with existing IT structures, independent selection of display systems
  • Flexible - Professional - Mobile and very low maintenance
  • Supply security through integrated mobile transmission technology
  • Wireless connection of the target line to the shooter line via WLAN
  • Display of results & data via standard tablet PC or smartphone
  • Proven system for international use in military and police - nSAK suitable (T-disk)
  • In action at international championships

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G2 Technicals:

  • The G2 is a 8 channel "one target system" designed as standard for a target/ lane
  • 3 shooters can be managed within use one Shooters Pac 
  • can be coupled with our Multitarget servers S25 / S50 up tto 100 targets / lanes
  • Supersonic measuring system via mobile sensors for (almost all) large caliber
  • Mounting the sensors on existing disc holders or on folding systems possible
  • Wireless wifi transmission between target and shooter line from 50m - 2000m or more depending on line-of-sight, interference and atmospheric conditions (with repeater)
  • WiFi standard 2.4 GHz -  with mobile repeater
  • WiFi transmission technology integrated in the controller
  • Display of visual targets & hits via browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • Presentation of the targets on iPAD, smartphone, tablet PC and other PC with existing WLAN
  • Supply security through standard battery technology with charger
  • Running time up to 12 hours (Temp & Weather dependent)
  • All ring and polygon targets can be visually displayed
  • Optional WIS wind information system, thereby displaying the wind data in the TargetViewer
  • Display & save of hits, hit groups, speed Vo, wind force & angle of incidence, temperature and other ballistic evaluations for the subsequent analysis
  • Print the results using an optional wireless printer

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Extendable by S25 / S50 server to match or multitarget system, additional controller for Vo measurement with analysis / evaluation, UIT controller for fixed mounting on stands / plants u.v.m.

Spare Parts:
Spare parts are available for our customers. Cables & plugs are commercially available components.

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