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Installation on old Bundeswehr tracks and in shooting centers

The company Silver Mountain Tragets Europe also offers complete networked systems for a "fixed installation" at indoor and outdoor shooting ranges for sports shooters and also for hunters. Here, the discs and the control of the tracks are realized directly with a server in the network, and also a management / letting of the tracks and a complete shooting range management is possible through our system. Existing IT structures can of course be used and used here.

From combined 100m / 300m webs with automatic flap control of different webs and distances, running boar, results recording and control of trap / skeet throwing machines to the integration of monitoring and sound measurement systems, anything is possible.

The difference to the mobile shooter's pack is the fixed installation of the disk controller in a control cabinet. Here, in addition to and parallel to the pane, the lighting of the respective pane is also controlled. The whole system is also built according to the protection class IP65, so that moisture and dust cause no problems.

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The SCM shooting range management offers everything from the reservation / booking of stands, to the eCard-controlled registration of the shooters on the tracks, the administration of the customers and their bookings, the controlling etc., everything that belongs to the most automated modern shooting range possible.

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