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Slice holder made of aluminum

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The disk holders made of aluminum profiles designed by us are characterized by a very fast and simple construction on the range. The frame is "hinged" and quick-release screws provided so that the assembly and disassembly takes only a few minutes. Also, the pack size is held at 35 x 120 cm & 45 x 120cm so that the complete frame fits easily into a trunk of your car.

The mounts of the sensors can be permanently mounted on the range, the sensors then only need to be engaged and wired - a matter of a few minutes. The frame is delivered with a net to which the discs are then fixed, even stronger wind can not overturn the disc holder. If necessary, a mounting kit for "bracing" consisting of nylon rope and pegs to be supplied, the 2,10 frame actually recommended.

Should a profile strip or other dividers be damaged by "bombardment", you can also order these as replacement parts.

100m - 300m
110 x 110 cm base frame, the overall height is adjustable by height adjustable feet of 160 -180cm

300m - 2000m
210 x 210 cm base frame, the total height is adjustable by height adjustable feet of 260-280cm. Here the guy set is highly recommended.

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